Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sick Leave

Perhaps I did overextend myself. However, if the shields were not made, we might have lost people to inattention and lack of sleep. I will not be tucked into bed except to sleep. I can rest easily enough in the parlor, and as a concession to my daughter’s fussing, I will put my feet up.

Thankfully, Hâjdău came by with the afternoon reports, and stayed for tea. Of course my tea was dosed, they wanted me to rest. No nightmares, just the general nonsense dreaming I usually have... well, until I realized it was a good time for analysis. It did give me an opportunity to assimilate the information from the reports, and during my nap, I was able to follow the formula Kitla had for the increase in the dream incidents. What was causing the problems was not coming here, it had already arrived, and the bodies are the signature. We will no longer be dealing with just intermediaries.

The nap was refreshing, and I decided to continue with my regular schedule. Captain Veles caught me as I was preparing to slip off to the pub to oversee the poetry slam. “See? I even wore a sweater so I would not catch cold and I am wearing the sensible boots.” He growled and said it would be easier to keep an eye on me there. The Baron was surprised I was there, and frowned but did not order me home immediately. I did not quite catch the quick conversation between him and the Captain.

My fatigue began to show during the end of the slam, and I was grateful to have the Captain with me to watch my back as we returned to the house. This time I did not argue being bundled off to bed, with the Captain watching to make sure I did not sleepwalk. I watched him read, something he had picked up off the shelf in the study, by the light of a small shaded lamp. Still wearing his tinfoil dǒu lì, he was being cautious. I smiled in my sleep, because he did not need it - he is one of the people I am shielding.

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C said...

I am glad to hear you are at least taking care, Frau Lowey - I have managed to recover somewhat from my latest experiences, but I have not yet come to an explanation as to why I was so affected.

Cerise Blackheart