Sunday, September 12, 2010

Balancing Things Out

I have never held this many shields up at once, before. Amarantis explained the linking technique Uncle Ibiz taught her, but it will have to wait until we are no longer under an emergency. Keeping tabs on the family, and the staff was stretching my reserves... but I could not leave the children unshielded. They have nightmares enough with the bodies being found so near the places many know as "safe". So I stay in bed, save for the few hours I can manage to maintain a social facade.

The students from home have started reviewing the rules for unsecured territory with the others. Rengerin has been a fairly good example, save for the fact she has a tendency to believe traveling by rocket-boots will keep her safe. It has, so far, but Captain Veles is trying to impress the importance of traveling in pairs, even in the air.

Wolfgang's studies have not suffered as much as before, but now he is trying to sort out scents. Hâjdău let slip that he has been tagging along with the Jaeger patrols the Baron's Quester has detailed for tracking from the sites. In many cases, the trail has been muddied by the crowds these bodies gather, but there have been some scant leads, and they all point to the ocean.

My assistant has had some surprising growth in the past month, going from someone who was afraid of Amarantis and my brother, to actually seeking her out for help, and suggesting questions to ask Augustus to research for the Quester. Hâjdău is not a Spark, but she comes from good family, and is developing into a strong minion.

Still, it is fretful to be so drained and weak. I am getting better, and the cold has cleared up, but I am afraid I will not be strong enough in time to take on whatever this monster stalking us might be.

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