Tuesday, September 14, 2010


True to his word, Captain Veles stayed on duty to make sure I did follow doctor’s orders. Though I hope it was not onerous duty, as he has not yet read all of the books my brother brought with him. He settled in, “Heh. Hy foundt Luffkreft. Vill be goot for a laff.” He settled in as I rearranged my position on the settee. “Schoont hyu be lying down, Frau Lowey?”

“Ach, I am tired of lying down, and if I sleep any more, I will get a headache,” I settled, and said, “I am still resting, yes?”

“Ja, uf courze. Bot negzt hyu vill schtend op, ja?” He smiled at my chuckle and then asked, “Hyu knowz you eyez iz glowing blue, ja?” He settled into the armchair, seeming to be very much at home.

I nodded, "It is the effect of the Working, nothing startling." I sighed and stretched my legs, “Sometimes I wish I had the knowledge to manipulate the equations like Kitla does. Right now, all I can do is feed the shields I spun for everyone, and find a way to anchor them better when I am not so... thinly spread.”

He went back to reading his book, and I smiled to myself. At least he did not feel the need to wear the tinfoil dǒu lì any longer. I took that to be a sign I might have gotten the shields strong enough by now. The effects should be that the thing out there would no longer manipulate their dreams, and at the same time might make them more aware of their surroundings. Might... such a fragile and powerful word, depending on the whims of fate.

The captain’s presence in the room was a solid anchor, as I reached, checking the shields in the network. Working from Captain Veles as the closest, through the family, staff and students in town, and whatever scamps I knew well enough to help, and finally stretching farther to reach for Griggs. He is distant enough that it is difficult for me to read him, so I think he is in no danger from what is stalking the town. As I let my attention return to monitoring those in my care, I wondered where he travelled... he has been so far away for so long....

I sighed as I came out of the light trance, and the captain made an inquiring noise. I shook my head and said, “Too tired for dancing, how sad is that?”

He chuckled, and I shifted position, drifting off to sleep again.

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