Monday, August 24, 2009

Concerning Fashion

No, I have not decided to turn this into a fashion journal. I have taken some time to document my clothing, but not to the degree that the serious fashionista bloggers do. For instance, this outfit was purchased over a year ago.

I am just now preserving an image of it, because I wore it to the Orient Express Ball this month. It also documents how much I have learned concerning in-world photography.

This image pre-dates the 18 May 2008 creation of the album of fashion plates. Any skill in this shot is entirely serendipitous.

I had just discovered the Tesla facelight, a welcome change to the blinding lights I had seen before. No, I do not wear it all the time, only when actively taking pictures. I find it distracting when others wear lights capable of washing out the features of everyone around them. Digging further, you could track my abilities by icon images, and no, I am not going to dig those up for you. They are there, I know they are, but I choose to ignore them.

Sometimes, I will reshoot, as in the case with the Lady Flora. The velvet textures are quite nice, but did not show properly in the washed-out midday did-not-stop-to-check-the-graphics-settings picture I deleted. This one is much better, I think.

As I do not have Photoshop of PSP, or even GIMP (despite Miss Davies's wailing and gnashing of teeth that it is free and easy to use, but I simply do not have the disc space) these have not been touched or even cropped. You might notice that unless I am assisted by someone else (usually Miss Tanarian), I try to not use water as a backdrop. That is my most noticeable failing. I do not have the best of graphics cards, but try to work around them. Most of the time that means risking crashes while I pump the graphics as high as they will go and hope the backgrounds rez in less than a day.

Then there are times when I have wanted to document an ensemble because it was assembled for a specific occasion, such as the Midsummer Grand Tour for RFL,

or the Relay for Life itself.

Due to my problems with rez, it is unlikely these shots were taken at the event. so it either will be shot in the studio, or the event site itself if I am able to access the site when it is deserted.

Do not worry, this will not be a regular occurrence, only perhaps when I wish to share a designer's works, or in the unlikely event I have nothing else to do in the office.

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