Friday, September 18, 2009

A question of aestheitcs.

I have been looking into a new base skin. Not that there is anything wrong with my current default, but there are times when I would like a different look. A recent addition to the skin market has been the "better hairline".

The demo I picked up at League for the Misty is wonderful, save for one thing.

Why are these lashes so prevalent? There is not a single skin in the demo pack that does not have these mascara streaks. Why do people *want* this sort of thing? I have heard someone actually asking for skins with this addition, so someone does want it. A great pity, because that is the one thing I did not care for in this line.

After all, look at this hairline:

This is lovely, as are the eyebrows. but the mascara still looks smeared and too heavy. The sad thing is, this is the "Pale Natural Dark Hair". Mascara is not natural, and I have given up on having Pale mean the same thing to more than one person.

An example of my usual skin:

Note that I keep my system lashes at zero, and do not wear prim lashes on a regular basis. The skin is also paler than many "pale" skins, but not wraith-white. This image was originally collected to document the earrings, but it also shows the eye details of the (CS) Vogue Skin - Pure (Summer - 1).

It brings up a point in many skin designs. Not everyone needs or wants to look made-up all the time. I do have different makeups in my skin folder, but I keep returning to the Pure skin. Yes, it is pale, but I am not one to seek the sun. No, it does not have heavy makeup, because that is not who I am most of the time.

I suppose I should count myself lucky to have found this skin when I did.

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Neb said...

I'm with you on the skin thing. My everyday skin has a "no lipstick" look and minimal eye makeup.