Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Last Look at Drottningholm Old Town

Too late to tour the Palace once more, I wandered in Old Town, and chanced upon a resident. Mikk Graves, who carried the title of "Drottningholm | EO", and had the description of his character "Keefman" in Swedish in his picks, spoke at length of his view of the end. He reported Sanders had left all of the groups and sold the Drottningholm Palace sim. This move was apparently swift and unexpected for many of the residents, with their first notion that the sim was sold being the return of their objects.

The nicely detailed builds show the time and energy the builders put into the sim. This was the site of one of the grand courts, and one hopes the heritage can be kept alive by those who remain. While it is not the end of the Enlightenment Age sims, it is a loss. One hopes that another might raise the banner of the Swedish court another time.

Architecturally, both sims were excellent examples of Northern European 18th century building styles, and Miss Tanarian Davies and I spent the evening touring Old Town. This was her first visit to the sim, and it was unfortunate that we could not see it earlier. The images here are her work, as my vision does not permit me to capture the beauty of the sim.

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