Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oh, dear - I fear some background information is in order.

I apologize for annoying those who graze the journals for boring you with the picayune details of my lists, but there is a goal in sight.
The Consulate property in Winterfell Absinthe has been delivered to my care by meine Herr Baron with the charge to create a public house. He specifically mentioned one of the major customers of the brewery that employed meine vater - der Hut.
This is a specific sort of soldier's bar in Mechanicsburg. Only, it is not technically inside Mechanicsburg proper. You see, not all of the Jägerkin joined the Baron when the Masters disappeared after the Long War. The Bürgermeister was uneasy of his control of the city, and the Jägermonstern did not make things any better. When they were antsy, it was not wise to go anywhere near the wool section of the needlework shops.
So, the Baron decreed that the Jägers would not be permitted inside the city walls until a Heterodyne was again in residence. There was a rather strident discussion when this was presented to the generals (That section of wall needed to be rebuilt anyway) and the Jägercorps were finally informed (outside the city, where there was enough room for the ensuing discussion to occur with minimal property damage) and the word passed to the city.
The one concession the Jägergenerals asked for was that their off duty offizierheim and caravansarai be moved out of the city, but nearby enough so they may have a secure place to meet their family members who were not of the corps. Thus the bar with the prices on the furniture and the most horrendous swill was moved - lock, stock and malodorous barrel - to outside the wall, near the swamp gate. This made the Bürgermeister happy, becuase now there could be a nice coffee shop in the old building that the tourists would spend their money, rather than get hurt, and possibly sue the city. This made the Jägerkin happy, because they felt the view was much improved. And most of all, the populace of Mechanicsburg was happy, because they had the tourist trade, and they were able to keep the Jägers' custom for products, such as beer that had gone off and furniture to replace what had been sacrificed for the sake of good debate.
To be fair, there were some of the so-called "wild" Jägermontern that had more discerning palates, but they were a rare breed. They were the ones who encouraged Besitzerin Anneka to stock more than just their favorites, and thus the wines, better beers and pálinkas found their way to the pub, along with the more adventurous tourists. The tourists actually raised the quality of the furniture, because they would buy the benches or tables before they were broken, as souvenirs, and the local cabinet maker started sending his nicer pieces for the offizierheim salon.
Now, as the Baron has found space in the Winterfell Absinthe district, he noted the port town had similar weather to the lowlands near Mechanicsburg. He may have also decided, after the catastrphic bottle failure of the melomel batch 9C, that I have too much time on my hands. Therefore, he decreed that der Hut des Jägers will be recreated in this new world. This is something dear to my heart, as I still have fond memories of accompanying Vater to der Hut to deliver that week's experimental brews and pick up the empty barrels. I remember Frau Anneka as an engaing and strong woman, who encouraged my studies towards attending University; she was one of my better friends while I was at dame school. I hope I may live up to her charm, her hospitality, and her backhand.

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