Friday, November 20, 2009

Cavorite Cup 2009 in pictures

A fundraiser for the Cavorite Mines in Caledon, noon saw the first heat of the 2009 Cavorite Cup. Entrants donated L$500 to the mines, and courted mayhem in the skies above Middlesea. My vision not being the best, Baron Wulfenbach handed me a stack of snapshots and bid me post them.

If you look carefully, there is a speeder at the end of this trail of fire.

The fuel tanks were a common site of explosions.

Here is a rather spectacular conflagration.

Part of the observers would track their favorite racers by their fireballs.

Fraulein Searra Weatherwax and her speeder before the races.

A shot of the third race in the first heat.

Congradulations to Rachire Andel for winning the First Heat of the Cavorite Cup 2009. He will be racing again in the Finals tomorrow. Second Heat starts tonight at 7pm SLT. It's not too late to register for the second race!

Spectators are welcome and encouraged. We'll even provide comfy wingback seating with a stadium-style view! All we ask is that you limit use of scripted attachments also, and arrive at either one of these two arrival points:

StadiumShip One:

StadiumShip Two:

Once there, you'll see instructions in front of you on where to go. Simply Cam around to the other end of the ship and touch the seat you want. Do not try to fly or walk to your seat. You will fall through and land on the track. By sitting on the StadiumShip you will remain rooted outside the race sim, yet appear to be right above the track. You will also be completely phantom to the speeders and explosions, and thus out of danger.

Turn on your parcel music (Play button down at the bottom of your screen next to the music note, for the new residents that may be joining us), and you will hear the live broadcast from Magdalena Kamenev in the Iron Cloud's Air Traffic Control tower as she simulcasts the play-by-play!

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